Do you enjoy camping? Do you like our camping site?
Become a guest for a year. You will then have an all time destination, which is family orientated and inexpensive.

relaxed atmosphere, a sence of togetherness, holidaying with friends around - that's worthwhile for good.

Several times per year we celebrate various occasions like easter bon fire, summer fest, church service in the barn, potatoe fire, bread baking over open fire. With so many occasions our guest enjoy coming to us every time.

This is an overview concerning the annual costs:

Annual basic fees


Annual parking area 120 sqm

720,00 €


90,00 €

Additional charges


Larger parking area per sqm

0,80 €

Electricity/kWh (consumptional charges) 

0,45 €

Additional caravan

35,00 €

Additional person

70,00 €


30,00 €

Car outside parking area

15,00 €

Special parking area

25,00 €

Seasonal parking area

Short duration, 3 to 6 months

ab 300,00 €

Basic and additional charges, depending on duration


Part time camping
Sign a annual contract, incorporating various parties, like relatives, friends, other families and pay proportional fees. This is certainly a low cost alternative!

All prices include V.A.T., are calculated per annum
(except seasonal parking), and are subject to change. Are you interested?
Please contact us.